Friday Run Down 11/4/11

Happy Friday all ! Hope everyone is doing well. It's a beautiful chilly day here in N.Y.C.
I want to start off by saying thank you so much for all your reading, comments, and support. I have hit 6,000 views now! I am so proud and excited. So thank you coffee people!

Just want to give another shout out to had applied for probably 20 or 30 parties. And was starting to loose hope that I'd ever get chosen for anything. Then out of no where I saw FedEx was delivering a package to me from houseparty. I can't wait to try all the great kcup flavors with my family and share my sample packs. They gave me so much stuff I could not believe it. I will be enclosing a picture of all the stuff. So sign up and start applying, because you never know !

Coffee Cup News has new Starbucks Kcups reviews. has highlighted the best coffees from gocoffeego. Check out the ggourmet list.

Make a choco-cappuccino ! Here's the how to video from whole latte love

Check out your local red plum coupon circular for a $1.00 coupon for Folgers Coffee.

Signing off a "thankful " coffee Diva


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