Friday run down 11/11/11

Happy Veteran's Day to all of the troops serving over seas or who have served before. My grandfathers both served. And I have a dear friend who is away right now. My love goes out to all of them, and my thanks.
Here is today's Friday run down. Enjoy your weekend all..

Need a reason to buy more kcups ?? well wants to rewards you for it.. Check out their Perks Points Plus Program .

Coffee Icon is saluting veterans today. Stop by their facebook page and like them, they are giving away coffee makers, single serve makers, and more !

Check out whole latte love's facebook page for a great espresso cocktail recipe !

Roast magazine posted this today on facebook: " TODAY (and everyday) buy a cup of coffee for someone who have served in the Armed Forces. ". That's awesome !!

Signing off a " salute to the veterans" coffee Diva


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