Budget Saving Tips For The Holidays..

Good evening coffee loves! I am doing this post for everyone out there who is struggling or on a budget. Which pretty much is every person, from every city, and every walk of life. Let's face it, it's hard to live on a budget and buy people great gifts. As much as we want to, and try to plan to. Some time's you get down to the wire a week or so before the holidays, and have not much money to spend for 10 different people. It's not your fault. Most of the time it is bills and grown up stuff right lol. But, It's not about the money, or the gifts when it's holiday time. Not to be corny, but if I've learned anything from going through rough financial times in the past, and growing up. Gifts really don't matter. It's having your family around. A small place to call your own, and the love of your life right by your side. I like to show my love by taking care of people and opening up my home to them. Having them stay over, and cooking a feast . I was just born the nurturing kind. So making gifts that are a bit home-made seems natural to me, and very special. Here are a few little tips that maybe could help you or your family out.

Target offers $1 coffee sampler bags that are really cute. They are a great way to pick up a cheap gift plus try out some coffee. Now you can do a few things with this. You can either get a few bags and make a sampler basket. Or if you found a really cheap drip coffee maker for 8 or ten bucks then add these in as extra the most it could be, around $15 bucks. (This is the most). Or you can get some cheap but cute $1 coffee mugs at your local dollar store. And throw in one bag, plus one mug, and maybe some candies inside. Put it in a small bag. And you have a cute from the heart gift for a few bucks!

You can also keep with the theme and buy some bags of home made easy to bake cookies ( I use the betty crocker mixes they come in different flavors and are only $1.99 a bag) and throw them in to a mug or a cute Holiday tin from the dollar store. You make a lot and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it, for not a lot of money .

If maybe you only have one more gift left, and you ran out of money. And the person has a keurig, get them a box of kcups! Anyone with a keurig knows it can be expensive, and if you don't have money you don't buy them. So wrap them up with a bow. They even sell them at the super market for $7.99 . I am sure your gift receiver will love them.

I really hope this helped out in some small way . I know I will be using some of these tips myself this year to show my family , neighbors, and friends I care.

Signing off a " thrifty " coffee Diva


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