What Fair Trade Really Means..

I know you all have probably seen every where now a days " fair trade " . Especially with coffee. And you might be wondering exactly what it means. Well fair trade is a very good thing. It means that the farmers were given a fair price for their harvest. That in turn means that you are helping a community develop by buying their product. That lets the farmers also make the best product possible. In this case, the best, most fresh coffee. Green Mountain is one of the biggest coffee companies that supports fair trade. They have over 25 varieties of fair trade coffee. Log on to facebook and friend Green Mountain, then click on the tab " fair trade " to read all about it. But be sure to show your support and purchase the coffee too ! Green Mountain is one of my favorite brands of Kcups. I love every one of their flavors.It makes me feel good that in some way I am helping a community far away. If you are ever lost, just look for the picture above. That is the fair trade certified symbol.
Have any of you purchased any fair trade coffee or products ??

Have a beautiful Wednesday ..

Signing off a " giving " coffee DivA


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