Green Mountain Columbian Fair Trade Review

Earlier this week I told you guys that I received a free sample box from ( & Green Mountain ). I had received the Colombian Fair Trade. Me and my husband both tried it this week and loved it. Between the flavor, and supporting local farmers and their crops, we were delighted. I usually am a big fan of Colombian coffee. I love Timothy's Decaff Colombian kcup. And now this is another Colombian I really enjoy. It is a medium roast coffee. Tastes nice and strong ( but not bitter at all). Great to have every day, or on a special occasion. I think it could hold up really nice against a dessert since it isn't flavored, and won't compete with the sweetness of cake or cookies, etc . It had a very smooth flavor. A lot of coffees put so many different notes into them, which can be good or bad. But when I drank this it was just so nice to have a really good plain coffee. I usually love french vanilla or hazelnut, but some days I want something nice and strong. This is exactly that. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. Definitely will buy again. This is my 6th or 7th Green Mountain variety that I have fallen in love with. I have another sampler pack to try as well, so I will be doing more reviews in the week when I taste :)

Have you guys ever tried Green Mountain Colombian ?? Did you enjoy ?? Do you like Colombian with other coffee's ??

Signing off a "Colombian " Coffee Diva


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