Folgers New Filter Packs

BoOoO. Happy Halloween!! A trick for me would be waking up with no coffee !! Ahhhh ...Have a safe time all :)

Even though it seems like Keurig is taking over the world and single serve coffee in general ( you can even get single serve espresso machines) some people will not convert. And still love a pot of coffee. They love the drip coffee. Folgers has come out with a really neat way to brew easier with your drip machine, but in a single serve way. These new filter packs, let you pop them into your machine without scooping out coffee, and putting in new filters each time. Each filter holds enough for either 4-6 cups of coffee or 8-12. So you are still technically using your old school brewer, but with a slightly modern and more intelligent technology. Now all the great benefits of single serve coffee. The freshest brew every time. The perfect measurement is already done, and no clean up! Check out this demo video on the filter packs. I think these will become a hit and they will come out with even more flavors than what they have now.


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