Art & Coffee

Are you an art lover beside just being a coffee fanatic ? Well me too. I love all things beautiful. I guess partly that I am a make up artist I am drawn to color. Color in every form. I appreciate the green trees outside my window. A painting in a museum. Or now an intricate design on my cup of coffee. Illy is one of the most renowned coffee brands in Europe and they are bringing art & coffee together for a powerful fusion.
These cups were designed by Neapolitan world traveler Francesco Clemente. They are so fantastic. Each cup and saucer goes together as if they were attached. Such vibrant colors to match the bold flavors of Illy coffee. These would be a great treat in any ones kitchen. They are available online ( for a very high price tag , but again it is like a work of art) They would make you smile instantly and make you stop and remember the small things in life are the most special .. ...

For purchase :

Signing off an " artful coffee " Diva


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