La Creme Coffee creamer review

Well I was really disappointed to try La Creme coffee creamer. I thought it was going to be really good being that it was lactose free. And came in a few flavors. I tried the French Vanilla flavoring. The first time I used it I tried it with a french vanilla kcup, and it tasted really bad. Plus the milk separated in tiny little pieces and wouldn't mix well . Now I tried it a few other times with "regular" coffee ( thinking that maybe the first time was two different french vanilla taste's mixing bad)but no such luck. It just has this bitter taste. Nothing like the french vanilla I'm used to or like. I would give it 1 coffee cup out of 5. My husband seemed to love it but then again he uses two big scoops of sugar with all his coffee so I can't trust him lol. I never use sugar in my coffee. and besides the flavor part, not mixing well with the coffee just did not sit well with me. I would maybe be willing to try the regular one just to try it again. But who knows ?

Have you guys ever tried this coffee creamer ? Or had a bad experience with coffee creamers?

Signing off an " dissatisfied " coffee diva :)


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