Hello Summer.. and goodbye Infection !

Hello my coffee peeps! I am sorry for my absence of posts. I had a bad sinus infection that I was battling on and off until my mother in law got me antibiotics ( she's a nurse) . And it finally cleared up with that, and some clarinex, and some pain pills lol. Do you guys suffer from bad allergies ? Anywhoo summer has arrived in full force. Today 88 temps and tomorrow 90!!! Holy moly. I am actually sipping on hot coffee right now as crazy as it seems. But I have a bit of a headache, and sometime's the caffeine helps. So what are your plans for memorial day weekend ??
Well I will be posting a lot of stuff this week. Here's a great device/review from coffee cup news my favorite blogs. It is to clean your french press. Take a look. And enjoy this gorgeous weekend ! And don't forget about our troops who served us years ago, and who still do to keep our freedom! We live in a great country and let's never forget it :)


Signing off a " patriotic" coffee diva


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