Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Review

GM Nantucket blend kcup was one of my favorite kcups right in the beginning of me trying the Keurig. It came with the sampler pack. It was so good, and I always remembered that just recently I had to pick up the box when I was craving a good cup of medium roast coffee. Some months or weeks depending on my mood I will crave different types of coffee's and lately I just wanted a good cup of coffee. No flavoring, nothing sweet. And Nantucket is just that. It is a nice medium bodied coffee. Not weak by any means, but won't kill you that you can still have it early in the morning without it bothering your stomach . ( as with some coffee's have that effect on me ). It has no aftertaste. No nutty tones. Just smooth coffee flavor. To me it is just the perfect cup of coffee. Green mountain just nails it again. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. You will love this coffee I promise you. If you hate flavored coffee's then this is for you. Even if you love flavored coffee this is still for you lol. It gets great of views and I have seen a lot of people say they love this blend as well. It comes in the bag version as well. So if you don't have a Keurig single serve brewer like I do you can still get the amazing flavor of this coffee in your brewer as well. Check it out online at Or !

It is so gloomy here in nyc. Rain all week. That's all everyone is talking about. I finally can breathe today from my allergies and am feeling so much better thank god. I literally had 4 cups of green tea today, orange juice, vitamin c, and nasal congestion pills I guess finally worked lol. I worked out today in the afternoon and was thinking of doing some zumba to lift my spirits that I have been very motivated and on a work out kick lately. Also with this weather what can you really do anyway? Tonight is supposed to be a full moon. Ugh oh. There is always funky things going on when it is a full moon, or people acting really nasty. I hate it. But hopefully it won't be like that. Well everyone have a great safe night...

signing off a "moony " coffee diva ;)


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