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Great brewing tips! A must read !

Happy Tuesday all :) Another gorgeous day here in NYC. I already went out and treated myself to some much needed beauty treats at Rite Aid. I feel if you watch your weight, and work out all the time and sacrifice for your health and looking good. You should reward yourself the right way. No put the cookie down, and pick up a lipstick instead . lol. Anywhoo here are the best tips I have ever found on brewing espresso, machiatto, coffee, storing, etc. Check them out they are amazing ! And enjoy this beautiful day with a nice espresso on your porch .. that's what i'm doing....

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Happy Memorial Day !

Happy memorial day again to all those serving our country or those who have served. That includes my father, and both grandfathers. I hope everyone is having a gorgeous weekend . I am. I am by myself because my hubby works, but I am loving my day outside. If you are grilling, and you love coffee, then here are some great recipe's I found involving coffee ! Enjoy

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Hello Summer.. and goodbye Infection !

Hello my coffee peeps! I am sorry for my absence of posts. I had a bad sinus infection that I was battling on and off until my mother in law got me antibiotics ( she's a nurse) . And it finally cleared up with that, and some clarinex, and some pain pills lol. Do you guys suffer from bad allergies ? Anywhoo summer has arrived in full force. Today 88 temps and tomorrow 90!!! Holy moly. I am actually sipping on hot coffee right now as crazy as it seems. But I have a bit of a headache, and sometime's the caffeine helps. So what are your plans for memorial day weekend ?? Well I will be posting a lot of stuff this week. Here's a great device/review from coffee cup news my favorite blogs. It is to clean your french press. Take a look. And enjoy this gorgeous weekend ! And don't forget about our troops who served us years ago, and who still do to keep our freedom! We live in a great country and let's never forget it :)
Signing off a " patrio…

Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Review

GM Nantucket blend kcup was one of my favorite kcups right in the beginning of me trying the Keurig. It came with the sampler pack. It was so good, and I always remembered that just recently I had to pick up the box when I was craving a good cup of medium roast coffee. Some months or weeks depending on my mood I will crave different types of coffee's and lately I just wanted a good cup of coffee. No flavoring, nothing sweet. And Nantucket is just that. It is a nice medium bodied coffee. Not weak by any means, but won't kill you that you can still have it early in the morning without it bothering your stomach . ( as with some coffee's have that effect on me ). It has no aftertaste. No nutty tones. Just smooth coffee flavor. To me it is just the perfect cup of coffee. Green mountain just nails it again. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. You will love this coffee I promise you. If you hate flavored coffee's then this is for you. Even if you love flavored coffee this is st…

Best Big-Brand Coffees - Cooking Light

Best Big-Brand Coffees - Cooking Light
Happy National Coffee Day everyone! How will you be enjoying national coffee day ? Regular, decaf, espresso ?? None for me today, I am going with green tea since my allergies have been acting up, I'm trying to build up my immune system. There has been a lot of colds and germs going around. And I am trying to get as healthy as can be. I had a cold, and it went away, but now it wants to try and creep back in, or my arch nemesis allergies! Do you guys suffer from allergies ? They say it is the worst allergy season ever. Well drink up to health! And here are a list of the best big brand coffee's from cooking light magazine! Enjoy..

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Breville Espresso Machine

Happy Saturday all. Here is a video on the new Breville BES900 espresso machine, and perfecting the art of extraction. . What a beautiful thing ;)

P.S. thank you again guys I've hit 4,000 views !!!

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Friday the 13th round up !

Happy Friday the 13th all. BOooOOOo. Are you guys supersticious ? Me, not so much. I just think it's fun to watch scary movies on these type of weird days ;) Here is the Friday the 13th coffee news round up !!
If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the keurig. Check out some of these pod brewers from
I love this shirt. And it's so true. There is no X in espresso !! lol
Learn about fair trade and why it is so important.;jsessionid=589FF68EA6D0D3FD5E5DF12F3EE66A23
Brazil & Coffee
Nespresso & ipod!!

Have a great weekend all ! Signing off a "spooky" coffee Diva ;)

New European Single Serve Machine

I stumbled upon this on " the design blog . org " . I was looking for new innovative coffee machines. This one is apparently called the podi and will be launched in Europe in a few months it said. Take a look . I wonder if this one will come to the U.S. Looks pricey don't you think ? But really really cool :) What are your plans for the rest of the week ? Another gorgeous day here in N.Y.C. I am so happy to have two days off with my husband finally. He worked so much this week I feel like I haven't seen him lol.
Have a great day all :)

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Folgers Coffee Videos

Happy Monday all !! It is a gorgeous Monday here in N.Y.C . I am in a great mood even though I am still getting over my cold (and my allergies are kicking my butt this week lol). Who could be in a bad mood with this weather ??Here are a few video's on on how to make some great coffee drinks/recipes .. enjoy ;)
Have you guys ever tried any of these recipe's yet ??
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How to make Cuban coffee :)

Happy mother's day to all the good mother's out there. To my mom, grandma, and aunts. Here or not. Happy mother's day. To my sister who maybe never had a child yet, always was a mother to me in so many ways and I look up to her and love her very much :)

I tried Cuban coffee this way a while ago but it was way too sweet for me, but I'm sure many people who love sweet/or strong coffee will love this. So here is the authentic way to make it. I like this guy in the video he describes everything well and takes his time .
Do you guys drink cuban coffee ? Do you make it the same ?

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La Creme Coffee creamer review

Well I was really disappointed to try La Creme coffee creamer. I thought it was going to be really good being that it was lactose free. And came in a few flavors. I tried the French Vanilla flavoring. The first time I used it I tried it with a french vanilla kcup, and it tasted really bad. Plus the milk separated in tiny little pieces and wouldn't mix well . Now I tried it a few other times with "regular" coffee ( thinking that maybe the first time was two different french vanilla taste's mixing bad)but no such luck. It just has this bitter taste. Nothing like the french vanilla I'm used to or like. I would give it 1 coffee cup out of 5. My husband seemed to love it but then again he uses two big scoops of sugar with all his coffee so I can't trust him lol. I never use sugar in my coffee. and besides the flavor part, not mixing well with the coffee just did not sit well with me. I would maybe be willing to try the regular one just to try it again. But who kno…

5/6 Friday Run Down.

Sorry to my daily coffee diva readers, I haven't posted in a few days, I definitely did come down with a cold that I was feeling earlier this week. I finally feel better. My nose is still a bit stuffy, but I definitely got my energy back mid day today. I watched this amazing documentary called " The human experience " today. It was the most moving thing I've ever seen. It made me cry, and feel so lucky for my life. And really proved to me that every one does have a purpose, and we are all on our own path. It was just so beautiful and moving. I wish negative , ungrateful , rich, nasty people would watch it to make this world a better place . We really need it....

How to roast your own coffee for all you DIY out there :)
Coffee News from Green Mountain:

Starbucks has " happy hour" every day until 5/15 now for all frappuccino's.…

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Feeling sick.. & Tea :(

Hello all. It is the start to yet another week. For me the days have just been flying by. I can't believe it is May !! This month it is my dad & husbands birthday on the 28th ( weird right lol) and my father in law's the very next day :) All Gemini's oh boy lol. Well I didn't sleep at all last night because I had a really bad sinus headache, and then I took allergy pills in the morning to put myself to sleep, and my throat felt dry and scratchy all day :(. Plus I was in a fog from the pills all day. I went food shopping, and I didn't even know what I was doing . I hate if I am feeling down, because I try to be as healthy as can be for the past year and a half, I rarely get sick, and I take vitamins. So I take it super personal. But it's just a bad time for allergy sufferer's as my sister put it. Do you guys suffer from allergies ? Do you take medicine on a regular basis ? I read today was very high in the pollen count, and the rest of the week. So this …

I've hit 3,000 views !

Thank you so much every one for reading! I have hit over 3,000 views now and I am so excited. Every month I try and bring new topics, reviews, and exciting offers. I am glad to see every one is reading and enjoying my blog. It is much appreciated :)

Signing off a very " happy " coffee Diva