Gloria Jeans Cappuccino Kcup Review..

Gloria Jeans coffee just rocks ! Every time I would go to the mall where I used to live, I would always love to go into the Gloria Jeans store. Great coffee. Great atmosphere. Such quality products, but not stuck up like Starbucks.
Well now that I have the Keurig, I have tried some of the kcups. And so far I love them all. Newest one being the cappuccino.
The cappuccino is so good. It is a light/medium roast. No bitterness or aftertaste. Always my favorite. Lightly sweetened, but not really that much that you would say it's a sweet coffee. Just perfectly balance. I even make it with some whipped milk ( I use a milk frother with half and half and there you go whipped frothy milk) So it makes it like it really is a cappuccino :) I just love it for everyday. Or at night if I want something special. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. Can't think of anything bad about it !
So definitely give it a try .. .Questions of the day ... How was your weekend ? Any new blends are you drinking ?? March is about to be upon us, the months are just flying by it seems. Any big plans for March ???

Have a beautiful week my coffee fans !! :) Signing off a very " revived coffee diva "
Whats in my cup so far starbucks natural infusions caramel with nutmeg whipped milk !! Yumm


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