Gevalia's Special Edition Deal... & More ....

Here is the newest Limited Edition deal on

If you live in any of these areas, and you vote for your favorite coffee house $1 goes to "doctors without borders" . Then certain coffee houses like ( Comet Coffee) will match that with $600. So vote for great coffee and a great cause :)


  1. Looks awesome! Do these coffee makers really put out coffee that tastes as good as this pic looks? Gevalia Specials

  2. Well I can vouch for a few of their coffee's and espresso that they are very good. Not sure about every single one of them. But they have a really big fan base and the coffee's are very rich in flavor. I think you would love them. Now as far as the coffee maker's themselves.. I have never used a Gevalia coffee maker. But when I use it in my Keurig single serve brewer it tasted great . Which coffee maker do you have ? Or where you looking for a new one ? Thank you so much for writing !!


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