Gevalia Espresso Roast Blend Review

Hello and here's to a special coffee weekend review ! Today's review is of Gevalia's Espresso Roast blend. Now I am partial to my Italian lover Lavazza espresso. That I love and reviewed it on my blog. But I did have this in my pantry, and it was next up to open. So here goes...

I had gotten a special 3 boxes of Gevalia coffee for like $3.00 . It was a promotion, and I said you know I want to see what Gevalia is all about. I had heard of it before. The first box, I forgot what it was I think Creme' brulee decaf, ,and I love it. It was great for at night, or when you can't or don't want caffeine. The second box I opened was Vanilla Nut. Which I absolutely hated. Just for me at least. Mom and hubby liked it . Now I just finished my Italian espresso the other day so I decided to open my last box of Gevalia which was the Espresso Roast. It was friggin amazing !!! I even bought a little battery operated milk frother to make the rich creamy milk so I could do cappuccinos' and machiatto's. So I use the Gevalia in my espresso maker on the stove top , and I froth my milk half way. I even drank it straight thorough the milk . That is how amazing this espresso was ! And I never drink it straight like that. Usually I have to mix it all up. I am super impressed and now I want to buy more .! You have to .. Just watch out customer service is horrible for months they tried to charge me when I already paid and even put it through collections! So maybe if you can order it through amazon. Because it's not worth the trouble lol. But five stars amazing espresso.. The great thing with Gevalia they have tons of coffee. So wrapping up, about 4 coffee cups out of 5. Great taste. Bold and robust. gives a little aftertaste ( but most espresso's do so I drink a little water after) But I would highly recommend !

What are your plans for this windy weekend ? Are you an order in and curl up on the couch coffee lover ? Or are you a go getter and it's one thing after the next that you are into ?

Signing off an " espresso diva"


  1. I've also tried their Espresso and agree it is quite good. However, if you ever get a chance and want the BEST espresso - order some from Vittoria. They're an Australian company that sells an amazing espresso. I can't vouch for their other coffees because I haven't tried them. But their espresso is very full on, bold but not acidic or bitter like most espressos I've tried. I promise if you liked the Gevalia, you'll love Vittoria.

  2. Hello. Wow thank you so much for that great suggestion. I will be looking it up to order :) I have heard Australian coffee is very good. I love their wine LOL. Sounds great. Thank you again loving your comment. Come back again!


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