Monday, February 28, 2011

The Shoffee Blog: Dunkin' K-Cups - Betcha Didn't See That Coming...

The Shoffee Blog: Dunkin' K-Cups - Betcha Didn't See That Coming...

OMG Dunkin Donut Kcups are coming soon! Me and my hubby are going to flip! He loves Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee !!!
Check out the article from

The Shoffee Blog: What's New at The Cost-Per-Cup Calculator

The Shoffee Blog: What's New at The Cost-Per-Cup Calculator

Need to figure out just how much that kcup is ? Well has you covered....

Gloria Jeans Cappuccino Kcup Review..

Gloria Jeans coffee just rocks ! Every time I would go to the mall where I used to live, I would always love to go into the Gloria Jeans store. Great coffee. Great atmosphere. Such quality products, but not stuck up like Starbucks.
Well now that I have the Keurig, I have tried some of the kcups. And so far I love them all. Newest one being the cappuccino.
The cappuccino is so good. It is a light/medium roast. No bitterness or aftertaste. Always my favorite. Lightly sweetened, but not really that much that you would say it's a sweet coffee. Just perfectly balance. I even make it with some whipped milk ( I use a milk frother with half and half and there you go whipped frothy milk) So it makes it like it really is a cappuccino :) I just love it for everyday. Or at night if I want something special. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. Can't think of anything bad about it !
So definitely give it a try .. .Questions of the day ... How was your weekend ? Any new blends are you drinking ?? March is about to be upon us, the months are just flying by it seems. Any big plans for March ???

Have a beautiful week my coffee fans !! :) Signing off a very " revived coffee diva "
Whats in my cup so far starbucks natural infusions caramel with nutmeg whipped milk !! Yumm

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gevalia's Special Edition Deal... & More ....

Here is the newest Limited Edition deal on

If you live in any of these areas, and you vote for your favorite coffee house $1 goes to "doctors without borders" . Then certain coffee houses like ( Comet Coffee) will match that with $600. So vote for great coffee and a great cause :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bed Bath & Beyond is great for Kcups..

Bed Bath and beyond is the perfect place to get kcups in person or online. They have 10% off coupons. Or $5 off your order coupons. They have tons and tons of flavors. ( if you have a good one near you). The prices are generally $9.99 for 18pack. They carry some specialty variety packs, as well as the Keurig brewers themselves. Plus accessories and stuff. So you can hook up your kitchen like a Starbucks in a matter of ten minutes :) .If you have a keurig brewer check out the kcup selection online. Also if you order online they do free shipping on all kcups. Very good. No tax. I've ordered before :) ...

So Question of the day : Do you shop for kcups at your local bbb? And what's in your cup today on this dreary rainy days? These days are me and my husbands favorite.It's just so relaxing and soothing to me. Every time we would meet each other to spend time together in the city it would always rain. It was like the running joke. So then when we got engaged, moved in together, and now married when we see a rainy day it gives us good memories remembering all of that.. and seeing how much in love we still are ....

Signing off a very "rainy" coffee Diva

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lactose free coffee creamer

I saw this on a commercial on T.V . I was definitely interested to try this since it's lactose free, and sometime's too much milk bothers my stomach. I usually use soy milk ( not in coffee) but still I try and limit how much milk. So I am dying to try this. If anyone has given it a whirl let the coffee diva know.. I'd love to hear some reviews...

Espresso Martini Recipe

I saw this on Breville's Facebook page. OMG I wish someone would make me one of these today :)) This looks great and it is Friday for me and my hubby..

Signing off a very " espresso wanting " coffee diva

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Hi guys! I found an interesting coffee video, on an "hourglass cold brew coffee maker" . Here is the demo.. I will be posting some more video's on iced coffee devices'. I am in the mood of warmer days to come :) Do you guys switch to iced coffee at the first sign of warmer weather ? I usually wait until it's upper 60's at least. Well I hope you all are enjoying your 3 day weekend. Me and my hubby work all the way through. Hoping to see my in laws this week, and my dad. I miss them both . Can't wait.

Signing off an " excited" coffee diva

Saturday, February 19, 2011

K-Cups Sale stock up !

Gevalia Espresso Roast Blend Review

Hello and here's to a special coffee weekend review ! Today's review is of Gevalia's Espresso Roast blend. Now I am partial to my Italian lover Lavazza espresso. That I love and reviewed it on my blog. But I did have this in my pantry, and it was next up to open. So here goes...

I had gotten a special 3 boxes of Gevalia coffee for like $3.00 . It was a promotion, and I said you know I want to see what Gevalia is all about. I had heard of it before. The first box, I forgot what it was I think Creme' brulee decaf, ,and I love it. It was great for at night, or when you can't or don't want caffeine. The second box I opened was Vanilla Nut. Which I absolutely hated. Just for me at least. Mom and hubby liked it . Now I just finished my Italian espresso the other day so I decided to open my last box of Gevalia which was the Espresso Roast. It was friggin amazing !!! I even bought a little battery operated milk frother to make the rich creamy milk so I could do cappuccinos' and machiatto's. So I use the Gevalia in my espresso maker on the stove top , and I froth my milk half way. I even drank it straight thorough the milk . That is how amazing this espresso was ! And I never drink it straight like that. Usually I have to mix it all up. I am super impressed and now I want to buy more .! You have to .. Just watch out customer service is horrible for months they tried to charge me when I already paid and even put it through collections! So maybe if you can order it through amazon. Because it's not worth the trouble lol. But five stars amazing espresso.. The great thing with Gevalia they have tons of coffee. So wrapping up, about 4 coffee cups out of 5. Great taste. Bold and robust. gives a little aftertaste ( but most espresso's do so I drink a little water after) But I would highly recommend !

What are your plans for this windy weekend ? Are you an order in and curl up on the couch coffee lover ? Or are you a go getter and it's one thing after the next that you are into ?

Signing off an " espresso diva"

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am almost at 2,000 views !

Happy Friday coffee lovers ! I hope your week was as productive as mine. Today was very beautiful here in NY. It felt like spring. Just nice fresh air. Today I took the time to paint a few walls in my living room. Ultra white. To go against a red accent wall I have across from it. My colors in my living room are gray/white/black/ red. All complimenting each other. So literally from 1:30 until 4:30 I have been painting. I took a break now ( dizzy from the fumes lol) to rest. What are your plans for this weekend? Hitting up any new coffee shops? I have shopping, nails, cleaning, working, etc. Well all this week I have been off the caffeine ( hormones). And the two decaf coffee's I usually drink , just weren't cutting it this week. I miss the taste of regular coffee. The decaf just tastes horrible to me. The only decaf I truly liked was the Timothy's decaf Columbian kcup. Are you like me and certain" times of the month" you are supposed to lay off the caffeine ? But it just stinks you can't find a good decaf you like? Well I wish I had my timothy's decaf Columbian I swear you wouldn't even know the difference. I gotta stock up on those!! The two decaf coffee reviews I did in my blog earlier I thought I liked them but then this week, not so much. I guess it just my taste buds this week lol.. Again note to self stock up on decaf kcups !!! Pronto !!

Well I am almost at 2,000 views guys thank you so much for reading :) )

Have a great weekend..

Signing off a very "painted and un-caffeinated" diva

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A lot of coffee news today !!

Green Mountain's Kona blend are all being discontinued !!! Oh no my husband loves Kona blend kcups. This stinks. You can get them all at a cheap price on

Starbucks and Green mountain have been trying to get together for years. One year on, one year off. Read the shoffee blog's newest gossip on the "stargreen" front lol.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Espresso Poem For Today :)

espresso poem

by Dave Graham

a machine scream, steam belches fire, through  beans, 
ground fine packed snug they let  liquid drip, dark bitter, 
molten to cup  thus crema sits golden, thick atop perfection

Here's too coffee and art ! A beautiful combination :) 

Signing off an "artsy" coffee Diva enjoy your Sunday my coffee friends !
 I am sipping on espresso this afternoon !What do you have in your cup today ??

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The perfect Valentine's Day recipe

Now this is a recipe I am so down with for Valentine's Day :)

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Do you always go out? Or are you a DIY and you love to stay in and make your own romantic getaway :)

Signing off " a very romantic" coffee diva

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm back from Vacation..

Hello my coffee friends. First off, Happy Friday. Hope everyone is having an amazing "love month". Or do you just hate Valentine's day ?? Well everyone has their views. I think we've all been on both sides at one point or another. Or maybe not for me, since I've always been a hopeless romantic lol. . Well I just want to say thank you guys for voting for my blog , reading, and commenting. I am loving this. I see I have viewers across the seas. So you might be reading this in French in Italian. So ciao or bonjour !!!
I have been away on vacation with my husband for a little over two weeks. We are both back at work now. We did tons of renovations to our apartment. We painted so much. Put together great furniture. Went shopping. Ate out way too much lol. But hey that's vacation right !
So now I am here to bring you the best of the best. For all things blog-like, coffee-like, or tea-like :)
I hope you enjoy my little coffee song to get you energized today. I started off good. Then slumped in the middle. Now my energy is back up. It is hard to get back into routine after slacking for two weeks. Have you guys been on the healthy kick since new years or did you fall off by now ? Well I started eating healthy a year ago this time. And I've went down a few dress sizes. But it was extremely slow because I did it the right healthy way. No crazy fads. But I kind of hit a wall since my wedding. With the honeymoon , holidays, and now recently vacation, I haven't been as strict as I've been and I feel like I bloated up a bit lol. I don't weigh myself ever. I can just tell in my clothes. Well I started fresh today , and I know once I get into my groove I'll be set. I just want to feel healthy again I don't care about loosing weight. I love my curvy body and my husband thinks I'm gorgeous :)
Anyways, enough of my ramblings... Oh no wait this is a blog you are supposed to do that right lol !

So questions of the day ... How are you guys doing with your resolutions ?? Did you fall off also ??When do you go on vacation usually if you even get vacation ??

A "determined and focused " coffee Diva

Frank Sinatra _ The Coffee Song

Here's a fun coffee song to put a pep in your step to start or end your work week :) I am researching coffee songs for a new blog. Happy Friday all

Signing off a "back to work vacation's over " Coffee Diva lol