Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bad review.....

Hello my coffee people! Today I will be reviewing Green Mountain's Hot apple cider K-cup. There is not much to write about this review other than yuck! I just upgraded to the Platinum edition Keurig brewer and had received a box of hot apple cider kcups. I tried it and hated it. I won't even give it one coffee cup! It's weird because I love apples, and apple juice. And they say it tastes just like that. All natural . Yeah right ! I guess I just dig the cider thing. My husband never tried this yet, so I will post if he happens to like this. But I really doubt it!
Sorry Green Mountain, but you did me wrong this time !

My question of the day .. Do you like hot apple cider? If you do, do you drink it all winter? Or only the holidays..??

Signing off a Disappointed Coffee Diva

P.S if you have any good holiday cupcake or cookie recipe's write to me. I'm having my in-laws over this week so we were gonna do a nice girls bake day !! Ok keep reading and posting and sign up to follow me... !!!

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