New Reviews coming soon..

Hello my coffee people :) How is everyone's November going so far? Mine is great. I am feeling more and more positive everyday. My diet took a turn for the worst the past week ( damn hormones).But I am back on track now. No biggie. It's always good to indulge right? lol.  My life is drama free. I truly only surround myself with a few people ( the ones who treat me great). When I just focus on my family, my life goes great. And it is ! It's almost a month left for the wedding, I am nervous/ excited at the same time. Still a bunch of things to do so I am still a little worried. But a good worried. . . Well I try and stay positive by reading Feng shui books while having a great cup of coffee:) . They have intelligent sayings that keep me motivated. I write a quote a day on Facebook in the morning to inspire me. So many people have used Facebook so negatively. But for me it is just be for fun. And keeping in touch with my relatives. ....
I have a few new coffee's to review. One is a new Decaf my mother in law gave me . I think it's Columbian, and another 2 k cups to review. So I will be posting this week on new reviews.. I am almost at 1,000 views so I am so excited . My page even has international viewers! So ciao to everyone around the world ! 

How do you guys stay motivated or inspired? Does your diet ever go haywire? It is so hard to find the strength now a days for anything positive so how do you guys do it ? 

Signing off a "positively inspired" Coffee Diva


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