Green Mountain Gingerbread KCUP Review

So, I guess just like in life, I have a lot of high expectations that at times let me down. I think this kcup will fall under that category. I was expecting better from my favorite Kcup brand ever. And I don't know what it was,  it just didn't do anything spectacular for me. Maybe I was expecting something more sweet from the name? It was a good cup of coffee don't get me wrong.I drank the whole mug.  Medium bodied roast.But to me, it Didn't have any gingerbread flavoring though.. more nutmeg. ( Unless that's what a gingerbread tastes like lol). I just wanted something more sweet. So again, maybe it wasn't the kcup, or the gingerbread , but more what I was in the mood for. Another thing, it kind of reminded me of the pumpkin spice kcup but with just a slight variation. So that was weird too. Because I've never tasted two that were the same in the Green Mountain kcup line. And for that I could just drink the pumpkin spice I have you know.. My mom had given me just a few to try from her Limited Edition Green Mountain Holiday pack. It came about 48 kcups. It was about $24.99 at Bedbathandbeyond, plus my mom had a $5 coupon ( of course lol) so it was about $20. Great deal. But she didn't really like the gingerbread either, so she was kind of regretting buying the whole variety pack that she really only liked one flavor. The other 3 flavors were spicy eggnog, french toast ( which rocked and literally tastes like it although hubby didn't like weird)and holiday blend. So I will be reviewing the others as well throughout the holiday season. I have so many reviews to do so bare with me. ....So to wrap up my story I'd give this kcup 3 mugs out of 5. ..But I will give it another go just to make sure next time. 
My question is have you guys started stocking up on holiday coffee and kcups yet ??

Signing off a "jolly" coffee Diva I love the holiday season!


  1. Sweet like rich chocolate from godiva...
    Running off my tongue like syrupy strawberry drippings...
    My Coco Chanel...a special blend...



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