Folgers French Vanilla Biscotti review...

I had reviewed this coffee before in the bag form, and I Loved it. Now (thank god) everything is coming out in the Kcup form for Keurig . Folgers has their new kcup collection as well. For the gourmet line, they have Colombian, black silk,and vanilla biscotti. Vanilla Biscotti is the kcup I tried and I love it. IT has a vanilla flavor but it is blended so well with the coffee. Usually french vanilla is too watery, or too sweet. But since this is Vanilla Biscotti, it just gives it such a great flavor. I drink this any time of day. Especially at night, when I'm in the mood for something sweet you know. I give it 5 cups out of 5. They are just as good as the bag, and any other gourmet KCup. So definitely try it and let me know if you like it?

question of the day .. are you a last minute person ? 

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  1. I also love this coffee! I look forward to waking up, pouring my cup and enjoying my coffee. I think it has become an addiction. Yesterday I found the 24oz bags for the first time and was as happy as a little kid on Christmas morning :)

  2. Hi Anonymous thanks for writing..

    Oh wow where did you find the 24oz bags ? It is really good. And I'm not normally a folger's person to be honest. So I was so surprised how much I loved the coffee. Both bag or Kcup version..

  3. Is this flavor sweet enough or does it need cream and sugar?

    1. Hello Anonymous! Thank you for your comment. Well that depends on how sweet you like your coffee. For me this was just sweet enough. But if you normally add sugar to your coffee you might want to still add a dash to it. But not much. I hope this helps :) Come back soon !!


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