missing my coffee :(

Hello my coffee fanatics. I hope you are all well and caffeinated lol. I have taken a little break from coffee. Not by choice, but because I'm not home lol. When I'm at my mom usually I take a break since I never know what she will have in the house. Or which kcups she has. ... Today was a great day for me I decided which centerpiece I will have at my wedding. It's simple. Colorful. And beautiful. Just like me :) All this running around has me a bit tired, so eating healthy and exercising is very important to me this week. I might have some decaff colombian kcups tonight. I could go in for a nice hot cup ( since it's like a meatlocker in my sister's room with this ac on) .. Well if you guys are planning a wedding or have had one, I'd love ideas or stories. And if coffee was involved too ... even better ! If not I will talk to you tomorrow ....

Signing off A coffee Diva


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