I won

Well I hate to be like one of those people who are always moaning and groaning about never winning anything. But, that's usually me. I mean the only thing I've ever won in my life is free samples on websites ( which they give to everyone so I don't think that is considered winning anything). I happen to go on to check my facebook, and saw one of my fav pages "coffeecupnews" had a live show. So I clicked on the link. And everything was going on at once, and I was trying to sign in. ( I felt like a totally dumb dumb not knowing what was going on in cyber land). They were having a contest for a free coffee give a way. ( they do these very often! ). So needless to say I won. I am so excited. I was smiling for an hour. If they only knew how that made my day ... The website is http://coffeecupnews.org/, the guy who is on the website is Jason. He is so sweet, cute and funny. Gets really excited about coffee just like I do . So I love it. It's a place I can go. Share my thoughts, and be with other people like myself who really love coffee and feel it's a positive thing in this crazy world. . So check it out. You never know when you might win something too!!!

Signing off A coffee Diva


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