Yoga is Sweeeet!

So yeah, it's been a rough two weeks, so I have kind of veered off my "healthy path". . But I have been trying to get back on the hoarse so to speak. I just did a 30 minute routine of yoga. I love yoga because you can do it on your own intensity, but still have it be effective. And I don't know about you ladies, but working out is a bitch. I'm sorry but whoever says " oh yeah I like to put my big but on the floor and bang out 400 sit ups , just to look like I didn't swallow a bottle of salt in the morning, was fun". They were sadly mistaken!@ I hate working out. That's my biggest problem. I have grown to have um, how shall we say it, ADD . I used to work out for an hour when I was 18 just shaking my rump shaker to techno, and over the years, and the pounds, I just lost my will power. My energy level is constantly at a 1. So to get up and work out just to loose 1 pound at the end of the week, it just hasn't been happening the past two weeks. I have been healthy for 4 1/2 months now, so I am trying to get back in full force. If nothing else just to be healthy. I don't care about what the scale says, or my number on my jeans. ( that's why I don't even have a scale) I just lost weight according to my jean size that I went down. . . So any whoo the yoga is good because you get your ass kicked without even realize it. Your just like hmmmmm I'm getting all Zen like, but then your working out every muscle in your body you know. It's something different. Maybe tomorrow i'll want to do aerobics, or jog, but at least today I did my work out, without really "doing" much. (haha to the jogging right!) ...

So my coffee review of the day is to check out q.v.c because they have the beautiful Keurig brewers on sale on easy pay. Which makes it dirt cheap! I love q.v.c i wish they hired me. I sell them to everyone I know lol. So check it out maybe you can get on the kcup revolution. I tell you time and again people it will change your life. Much love in yoga and coffee land !!

Signing off , A coffee Diva


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