Sometime's all we need is a cup of coffee to make it all better

As I wrote the other day, I have been having a rough month. The past week has been both good and bad for me. So I've been struggling you could say. Today I thought I didn't even want to get up and deal with it all, but some how I pulled it together. And got up. And cleaned and worked. Did my website. And I felt like the one thing I was so looking forward to make my day just a little brighter, to just reward myself that I did have the courage to get up and face another day. Was my coffee. As corny or stupid as it sounds. . Some time's it could be the biggest or smallest things in life that will awaken us, and show us light when we feel there is only darkness left. .

My coffee choice was Kona blend kcup that I reviewed before, but I put it with the new "bailey's hazelnut coffee creamers". It is so good. I really wanted the french vanilla one but my key food only had the big french vanilla and I thought it might go to waste lol. So I got the small hazelnut for $2.99 I think. I tried it with a few other coffee's and already I love it. It's great with a plain kcup to flavor it up. It's great iced or at night so you don't eat dessert . It will be great to use with some old maxwell house I have in the freezer. Now I can use it with my kcup filter to use it up. ( I kind of just had it layin in the freezer . I guess I've been spoiled with the great gourmet kcups I've been drinking lol) So all alround 5 coffee cup rating. Now I'm definitely going to buy the big french vanilla baileys! So good, cheap, and so versatile. You can't go wrong..

Have a great day enjoying those small things that make your day. It really can make the difference...

Signing off A coffee Diva


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