Positivity ? Is it learned or Instinct?

Happy Monday all. Monday is a good day to start fresh. If you cheated on your diet on the weekend, today is the day to start over. Today is the day to work out. To start a new outlook. To be positive. I usually believe that bad things happen Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday lol. . My whole life I have tried to be positive, but have struggled a lot. So many years I have been depressed. I feel like it comes and goes. Some weeks, days, or months, are really bad for me and it's hard to even get up in the morning. And some times I am so happy. It's so hard to stay balanced, and keep that positivity when I'm young, and so many things have happened. I never used to worry as much as now, or stress out as much as I have these past few years.
But you have to take the good with the bad right. It's been the worst two years for me ever, but then in the same sense I met the love of my life. My soul mate. The one man I always was looking for but never thought i'd find. And we're getting married. So maybe it hasn't been a total shit ?
How do you guys stay positive and focused? I am trying so hard lately, to be in the mind set, that even within the next few weeks even if something happens "bad" or "stressful" I want to just say hey it will be ok. I will get through it, and go on with my day. I have been through much worst than this. So I can do anything! How do you guys do that? And what really defines positivity? Is it being happy all the time? Or is it letting yourself have that bad day here and there, that will then bring you out of the doldrums and give you the courage to face the hard ship you are encountering head on ?
I think positivity has to be practiced. It's not something that comes over night. It takes a lot of factors, and influences to help spark that happy , calm feeling inside. For me, when I'm "positive" so to speak, I listen to new age music to calm me. To keep my blood pressure down. I work out once a day or even more. I eat healthy. I read. I go outside every day no matter what. I at least am on my porch . Looking at the sky. Being thankful for another day. Appreciating the beauty of this world. I talk to my best friend. My sister for hours, to make me laugh, and make me feel as if I went to therapy for the day. Have a glass of wine on the weekend. Or a great cup of coffee! Simple things like those bring me great pleasure. These are just some of my ways... Please tell me yours..
The coffee post for the day is my Gloria jeans hazelnut. I had it iced today since it is so hot. You can get it at bedbathandbeyond.com or even kmart sells kcups now! I love it. It tastes very nutty. It's medium bodied. Not to weak or strong. Perfect for the morning, with something sweet for breakfast. Or at night when you don't want to eat bad, have a sweet coffee to curb your craving. That's what I do. And if your worried about the caffeine you can always get it in Decaff.. P.S. do you guys French press? I think I will be posting on how to and why today or tomorrow..
so smile today and try.. as well are all doing that every day. Just trying.. and survive :)

Signing off... A coffee Diva


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