oldie.. but not so goodie anymore

I used to use Folgers coffee all the time. My mom always got Folgers so I guess I was just copying her in some small way lol. Then about two years ago when I was on my own, I realized this coffee tastes like crap lol. So I switched and went to Maxwell house. That I loved. Although sometimes if I put to much I think it tasted a bit funky. Or bitter. But maybe that's just me. . .
I thought today I'd use up the old Maxwell house I had with the baileys hazelnut creamer today to save some of my k cups. Well, the coffee wasn't bad let's just say that. But that smooth "everyday coffee" taste I used to think It had, just wasn't really there anymore. It kind of blend in to the hazelnut creamer ( mind u I only put 1tbsp) . I guess some time's an oldie is just an oldie for that reason, and it really isn't anything special. And maybe it never was. Now my palette is so open to so many new things that I've tried in ground gourmet coffee and the amazing k cups. So it's really hard to try just "regular coffee anymore" . But if you do like Maxwell house and you don't have a keurig, hey more power to you everyone likes their own thing. I just was disappointed because I did used to love the Maxwell house. So anywhoo only 3coffee cups for me today for this coffee. ...
My question is , If you have a keurig, do you still use "not gourmet" coffee in your kcup filter ??

Signing off on the gorgeous day A coffee Diva


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