Love & Coffee

Good afternoon all. . Today is Wednesday , my fiance' had to take a personal day because he wasn't feeling good. I am taking him to the doctor today. I think when your significant other gets sick , you realize evern more than often how you love them so much. It is amazing how when you love someone so deeply that you put their feelings before your own. And for those few hours or moments when you are worrying so much about them, you realize it's not about you anymore in life. There is someone else you have to care for . . .

Well my coffee for the day is Green Mountain Island Coconut blend. It is amazing. I use it with my Keurig Mini Brewer. The best coffee maker I have ever used in the entire world!!!! lol

So just a quick rant abou the Keurig in case someone is still on the mr. coffee pot lol..The whole system is great. You use these "kcups" which has a perfectlly measured out amount of coffee. They come in like hundreds of flavors. Teas. And hot chocolate. And the best part, they give you a "kcup filter" . So you can use your own favorite blend. I over the months have stocked up with many kcups, as well as dunkin donuts, starbucks, and gevalia bag coffee to space out the kcups in between. Otherwise I'd go through a box in a week and then it would be a bit pricey right:) ..So ok back to the coffee review lol..

The Island coconut says its Light on the box but I would say more medium. It tastes like your drinkin a mound candy bar so good. But in the same sense not too much cocounut. Just enough. I do not add any sugar. Just a splash of half n half. That's all. I even brew into an espresso size cup to make it even stronger. Well I love green mountain. They are my favorite coffee brand. Every flavor they have is soo good. I have tried this coffee both hot and cold (and both are equally amazing ) . .

So here's to hopefully a good day, with my fiance' feeling better, and at least now a good cup of coffee...

The Coffee Diva


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