A little Paris anyone ?

Happy Saturday all. I am home with my fiancée' still taking care of him. Today is his last day home then he goes back to work tomorrow. I know I will be sad and miss him, but this is life.
So lately I have been trying to occupy myself with happy thoughts. Not of negativity and bills and worry. So, I was thinking after getting married in December, I want to really do a lot of stuff to our apartment that I've been wanting to do for 2 years now. One of them being redecorating the bathroom. I was thinking of doing Parisian theme maybe. Something very glamorous but affordable. My bathroom is big for a studio apartment, but I still need to find ways to make the space more efficient. (Ex. Shelves, cabinet's). .. so if anyone has any idea's for colors, or arrangements or website's please comment back and let me know. I found this picture online. I thought it was some sort of inspiration. Obviously my bathroom isn't this big lol. .
So what are your plans for the weekend ?? Any body else going through a rough time in life ?
What was your coffee for the day hot or iced ?? Mine so far was crappy old school instant decaf. Yuck! I guess I am just so spoiled on my Keurig lol. I might be posting picks of some cute cofee things today. Well please follow me , write, post, etc....

The coffee Diva


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