Kona Blend :)

Hello my coffee lovers. I hope you enjoy my youtube posts on all things coffee, including my wish list. The nespresso maker I posted is quite amazing. I put it on my wedding registry list and I really hope I get it ! Well today I don't really have anything to say, other than talk about my coffee of choice. Today's choice for me was Tullys Kona blend. It's a very good coffee. It reminds me of a good every day coffee. I know many coffee's can have that "everyday" coffee taste, but they all still are slightly different in their own ways. I felt like treating myself today that I can have caffeine again so I went for the kcup. I am in the mood to buy some new ones. Today I got an email saying that on coffeewiz.com there was a sale free shipping on any orders any price. That is a great deal. I might order a summer blend later. Their prices are good too because they have 24ct boxes for 11.99 about. Anywhoo so yeah Kona blend is good and would recommend it as a good every day coffee like I said. Would definitely buy them again. So I hope everyone has a great wednesday !

Signing off A coffee Diva


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