It's getting hot in here....

So I know they say Florida has the worst humidity and heat. But I gotta be honest with you, some time's NY city can really rival them. The heat is up in NY. Which means all the lunatics are going to be out. Including the hoochie mamas with the pum pum shorts and cellulite flying every where ( who really shouldn't be wearing all those "little outfits for summer"). It makes me quite nauseous. Just because you are "skinnier" doesn't give you the right to let me see your c section scars. Seriously. And what's up with the mom's who had the kids when they were 14, so they like to share clothes with their 16 year old daughters because they think they are sisters? Oh boy where has this society gone? To shit I say. And I'm only 24 ! So yeah it's hot, and humid. Bad hair day. I put my hair back, I wasn't even going to try and blow out my platinum locks. If I did I'd just sweat my hair into an afro by the end of the afternoon. Of course I pick the hottest day to do laundry. And to cook later a big hot meal. Yeah what can I say I'm brilliant ! ..Well my advice is if you can stay in, stay in with the fan, an ice bath, or the ac. It is going to be hot for the next week here in n.y.c so get prepared . Oh yeah, and bring a bat for when you are out and people are bitchy because they have a rash between their thighs, you can club them over the head. 123! LOL
So as you can can see I posted a video on French Press coffee . I know I am married to my Keurig brewer and I love it so much, But I am a coffee lover of all sorts. I had a french press from ikea like 2 years ago. I used it maybe twice because I never really knew how to use it. ( i know why did i buy it then again, I'm brilliant). So I decided to start using it in the morning, on the days I am not using my KCUPS. So I used caffee verona from starbucks. I think it's about $9.99 at most stores. My dad actually got me this one from Target. It is not for the faint of heart. I'll just say that much. It has a very distinct, espresso like flavor. Which it does say bold on the bag. It does taste nice in the french press with a little equal and half and half. The french press gives it a nice froth at the top of the coffee. And when I was youtubing coffee video's a lady said to put the milk first then add coffee to get a nice froth. So I did, and she was right! So yeah I do like the coffee with milk and sugar like I said. It's just an acquired taste so I know my hubby won't like this at all ! He loves flavored. The one bad thing I will review about it is.. hmm how shall i say . It smells like donkey ass!! It really smells so bad when you open the bag, I thought I was drinking dirty, but again the taste is worth it to drink. If you love espresso I think this is a great every day coffee. It just reminds me of that flavor. Maybe because espresso is Italian and so is this coffee who knows? But scale of 1 to 5. I give it a 3.5. Definitely would buy again. Once in a while....

So stay cool this week and hydrated!
Signing off.. A coffee Diva :)


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