Cheap doesn't have to mean bad..

Today my review is for Folger's Gourmet Carmel Drizzel Coffee. I first bought this coffee to try in Kmart. I was looking for kcups of course, and waned to maybe get bag coffee to spread it out in between, so I wouldn't use all my kcups up! So I thought well I really hate folger's coffee the past few years . Would this be any good? Well I am so glad I got it! This coffee is only $5.99 to start with, and it tastes amazing! The caramel drizzle is just that. Has a great hint of caramel in the background of just a nice mellow nutty coffee. Medium roast. Nothing to light or strong. Great for the morning or at night. I can not wait to try all the other ones. I just wish the stores sold them all. Some of them you have to buy on But it would be worth it. So who says you have to spend $20 on a bag of foo foo name coffee to get "gourmet" style flavor at home. At an affordable price. Scale of 1 to 5 coffee cups I give it 5! Definitely try this it's a super duper reccoment. I was in the mood for it today. I hadn't had it in a while. I forgot it was still there from all the other brands lol. I even bought 3 bags and gave it to my mom as a mother's day gift with boscotti. It is just great. And again, coming from folgers which I hated using in my coffee maker a few years back lol. Says a lot. I hope they never discontinue it. I mean a whole bag last me months and months. And $5.99 anyone can afford. !There are about 7 varieties including decaff and espresso! So try them all and let me know. Purchase on . Or in stores at kmart!

Signing off A coffee Diva


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