The bumpy road ..

To say I had a long night would be an understatement. My fiance' got sick, and was in the ER last night. What a nightmare . I am just glad he is ok. Sometimes in life, It seem no matter how good of a person you are, and how hard you work it's never enough. There's always the bills that never end. They just pile up and pile up , right when everything goes. And you need to do a huge shopping. Or someone gets sick, something breaks, an unwanted bill comes out of the blue and you're set back a few hundred. It just seems like it never ends. It's hard to not get stressfull with so many things in life. If your just a regular working middle class family like
me and my fiance' then you know exactlly what I'm talking
about. It just gets so discouraging. It's like what's even the
point of going on and working so hard ? If it feels like you're
just surving week to week. Or day to day even ?............. But
then you realize none of that matters. Bills will always be
there every month. Good people will always work at jobs
that are less than what they should be doing. And making
way less then they deserve. Bumps in the road will always
come up. People will get sick. . You're job is to treck through
the mess. To look on the positive side always. To laugh.
The moment you feel like giving up, that is the moment
that you need courage. And it will be worth it in the end.
To be around your family. To love. To enjoy the little things
in life. Money, cars, designer labels don't matter . Doing your
best, treating people good. Loving your spouse. And knowing
it will be ok. Things could always be worst. Be proud of the
little or big things in life you have. That's what I do now.
If not, I will just go through my whole life worrying about
things that are inevitable in life, and that are trivial compared
to life itself....
I hope this helped in some small ways. As I've been through so
much in my life.. So, on to the coffee lol.. I choose Gevalia Decaff Creme Brulee' today. I am on my decaff (because it's that time of that month lol and you shouldn't have any caff). I really like this coffee. It's nice and flavored. Medium roast. Works great in my keurig. It's only about $7.95 per box. Not bad. . I love it because it doesn't even taste like Decaff. So I don't have to feel deprived for the week lol. ... Well let's raise our cup to life and bull shit it both at times can stink , but also can be a relief and a joy at the right times !!!
The coffee Diva


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