57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan

57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan

Happy hump day all! I have always been on a diet, gimic, or way of life ever since I can remember. I always felt bigger even when I was younger. I look back and think I was just a normal size. Not fat. Not skinny. Normal. I wish someone taught me self love to save me lots of money in dieting and self analysis. I have always been that girl on the quest for higher knowledge. Healthy mind. Healthy body. I will always be the one to do yoga or read the self help book. I'm okay with that. I love that about myself. I'm always transforming into something new. I love change. Every time I do transform a bit. I feel myself becoming better and better. As if I'm molding myself into the woman I always envisioned myself to be. Fast forward 20 years later... I decided to do whole30 about a few months back. I think the end of January. It was an amazing journey that led to going down a size in pants. Clearing my skin. Respecting my body more. But the best thing yet, was learning how to read nutrition labels and truly understand them. I did a few rounds but as the summer was ending, I was getting way to antsy and feeling really restricted. Also I kind of had enough of meat as I was eating it with every meal as a source of protein. I sometimes do no meat for a week or so and decided I wanted to go Vegan. Including no fish since I don't eat seafood anyway. No eggs, I had been eating hundreds on whole30. It's been I think a week or two weeks this weekend. I don't feel restricted at all. It's nice to be able to have healthy grains like a normal person. Organic whole wheat pasta with veggies. Etc. One thing on whole30 I have still stuck with is no dairy. If I get a coffee out now I always order Almond or Coconut milk. Even at home. I stumbled upon this great list today that sounded amazing and encouraging all the benefits of going Vegan. I look forward to seeing this benefits as well as feeling them. The best part yet is knowing my body is healthy on the inside. So here's to the next chapter in my never ending "beginnings". I'm always proud of my courage and will to commit, and want to make myself better than the day before :)

Signing off a "Vegan" Coffee Diva


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