Intelligent Blends Kcups Review

Hello my coffee family! T.G.I.F. I hope you all missed me. Sorry for my absence, I started an amazing new job in the city. It has taken me a little while to settle into routine again since I was out of work about a year. I couldn't be happier. It is very challenging. Exciting. Fun. Best thing is I get to be independent. I hope you are all doing really good and enjoying your summer.

I have a new review for you that I had tried about a month ago. The nicest brand messaged me on Instagram to try out their coffee. Naturally I jumped at the offer to taste test coffee! Duh! The company is called Intelligent Blends. They sell all Organic K-cups at great prices. Everything is free shipping even their sampler packs! Bio-degradable K-cups. Best yet, the coffee is amazing! They offer dark roast, french roast, decaf, bold, medium, as well as some tea assortments. Cocoa and cider. The K-Cups I tried in the picture all are 5 coffee cups out of 5. Full bodied Arabica coffee blends that you can tell are fresh. Flavorful. As well as gourmet quality. I highly recommend buying these K-Cups. Their prices can not be beat. I have searched high and low for affordable K-Cups. This is by far the best place. $4.99 for a sampler pack (again free shipping). Then for a big pack 48 count, $22 even. Also if you place an order. They keep track of how much you spend. It's like a rewards program. It will say "you can earn 77 beans on this product". When you reach a certain amount of "beans" you can cash in for a free box. So cool! Another way you can save even more with auto-delivery. About 2.5%. Which would make a 48 count $21.45.
I just can't say anything bad about this brand. I felt very thankful they chose me to try their products. Click here to order. I also give the company's customer service and attention to detail and their clients 5 coffee cups out of 5. It was a pleasure dealing with them.

Have you guys ever shopped with this company? Seen them on Instagram? Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy your weekend all :)

Signing off a "working" Coffee Diva


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  2. I got one box of 100 k cups for $31.00 on site called Brads Deals. At first they worked fine but the at random times a message would come up on my keurig screen that said that"this pod doesn't work in this machine or another message that said something about pressure building up and I needed to remove pod and raise and lower handle. No go. So I take coffee out of the pod, pour it into reusable filter that came with machine and no problems. Almost every pod caused this problem. I ordered another box of a different blend thinking maybe first box was a fluke but same thing happens with this box. I noticed that the lid of the pods look sort of puffed up (convex) so maybe there's too much air in pod. I emailed Intelligent Blends but got no reply.


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