Hanukkah Haul: Weekend At Mom's

Good Tuesday afternoon all. I was a bit sick Sunday night into Monday. I had a stomach bug. Thank god it seemed to only last 24 hours. I guess the positive as well as negative of being the healthiest you've ever been is when you put something into your system you normally don't,your body just rejects it :(. I went to my mom's house on Friday to celebrate Hanukkah with my mom. She made a beautiful dinner (which I didn't even pig out) but I think the oil from the latka's bothered me. I never ever eat anything fried. I don't even use oil. Except olive oil. Needless to say I was sick. I am better now. I got right back on track with my cardio in the morning and now I am washing a few loads of laundry while catching up on work. I like to multi-task! My husband is going to see his grandma straight after work tonight. It's her birthday. So it will just be me the rest of the day. Happy birthday to her!

I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday or weekend. Here are a few pictures of some amazing gifts my sister, dad, and mom got me. It was a pleasure seeing everyone as always. My sister outdid herself buying me the new Mia 2 from Clarisonic. I have wanted it for such a long time. I already notice a big difference in my skin. I have only been using it maybe three days now. Morning and night. I love it. The clarisonic makes your skin so smooth after. It doesn't irritate your skin. As well as making the appearance better. Gets rid of any little bumps you have. She gave me a great cleanser from the skincare brand Fresh. You can purchase from Sephora. I give the Clarisonic a 5 coffee cups out of 5. It is really lightweight as well and you can take it in your shower. I love the color as well.

My dad always comes baring coffee gifts for me. Just because. He's very thoughtful. He purchased Starbucks holiday blend and Gevalia colombian. As well as a few candles, and vitamins. Mom gave me so many gifts as well as mascara which to me is like giving me gold lol.

Have you guys ever tried the Clarisonic or do you own one? Thoughts. Comments. Feedback.

Have a great day all and a Happy Hanukkah.

Signing off a "beautiful skinned" Coffee Diva


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