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It's hump day guys! We are almost there. The weekend is so close. This week has been flying by. Life really needs to try and slow down. Well today I switched my workout routine up and I am doing toning. I have been doing push ups and crunches most of the day. I like to do them every hour so I get in a lot, but take breaks and get work done as well. is another freebie website I am signed up with. You get monthly samples. Leave reviews. Get to try new products. I have only had one other box. The others I wasn't quick enough to order in time. This sample box was really good. I received a full sized sample of Secret Deoderant. Scotchbrite sponge. Breatheright nasal strip. Purell hand wipes. Last but not least an Olay body wash. I can't wait to try! December 15th is the next time you can request samples. You have to get there before noon on the dot. The samples will go in a matter of minutes.

The other day I ordered a Brewooze refillable K-Cup for the carafe. It is intended for all 2.0 models. You can basically brew your own coffee in the filter so you don't have to worry about always purchasing K-Carafe K-cups. I instantly fell in love with the carafe on my new Keurig and new it would get expensive if I was buying those k-cups plus the regular. I did a little research on amazon, this one seemed to be good and work on any 2.0 model. It has almost 5 star reviews as well. I will be trying it tomorrow and writing up a review so stay tuned! I am very excited. These little packages made my day :). I will be doing errands the rest of the day as well as food shopping later tonight. I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday.

Purchase the K-Carafe filter here.

Have you guys purchased a K-Carafe filter yet? Thoughts? Not interested?

Signing off a "Filtered" Coffee Diva


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