Keurig's 75% Off Sale

Happy TBT ya'll! Been another busy one here. In and out most of the day running errands and appointments. Stormy weather as well. But don't worry because I have an amazing throw back for you. How about a throw back to Fall? Or Winter? Or some hot chocolate for that matter. My mom has the sweetest boyfriend in the world, Andy. He alerted me right away of this amazing deal on going on now. Basically any of the hot chocolates are on sale for 75% as well as free shipping! Yes you read me correctly. I will give you all the codes. You can sit down now before you spill your coffee lol. I ordered three boxes myself all for $11.25 as you see in the picture. I know it's July. I'm aware of that. But if you think about it Fall will be here soon and you can be all stocked up for $3.75 each. As if that wasn't enough for you, I'm going to kick it up another notch. The deal will give you free shipping on any quantity. You can buy one box or ten. Whatever your fancy. Plus*** This deal is on a 24 count of K-Cups. Not 12 like in the grocery store. Or even 18. But 24! That makes the deal almost as sweet as that rich chocolate Cafe Escapes K-Cup.
Any Hot chocolate Cafe Escapes(milk/dark) or Swiss Miss. Although I think this one was sold out. It wouldn't let me buy in my cart but you can try. I purchased two milk chocolate and one dark. My husband loves hot chocolate.

The Code to get the K-Cups 75% off is: AFFC15
The Code to get the free shipping is: CAREFREE
Add both codes while you are in your cart. Don't worry you can always update or go back and still use the code.

Okay guys on your mark. Get set. Go!!! P.S Say a big thank you to Andy for letting us all in on this great deal :) Thanks!

Signing off a "Sweet & Stocked Up For The Winter) Coffee Diva! P.S. Reading this is making me want to order more...


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