International Delight Bzzcampaign Review

Happy Friyay!! Woo Woo. I'm sure you guys had an actively busy week as I did. I am looking forward to some rest. We really could use it. Every weekend we have been to a new place. Although every time I say that me and my hubby wind up getting up by 9:00am and are out all day. I guess we will see. Don't tell him but I already planned to go to this beautiful local flower/plant shop I found on Instagram located in the amazing Arthur Avenue area of the Bronx. I just love that all of the local business's are still there. Family owned. As well as representing the true Bronx in a good light. The Bronx that us residents know and love. I will post any details and pics if we take a trip there.
I am a Bzzagent as I have said many times. It is really a great website and program to be a part of. The second campaign I got to try for free this month was International Delight's Iced Coffee. I received a free coupon for either an Iced coffee or an iced chai. Well I actually hate chai anything. Even though I am a tea lover. I opted for the Iced Coffee. I was dissapointeted my local grocer didn't have the diet option. I am not a fan of consuming my calories in liquid form lol. I love food. I don't want to waste 150 calories on a glass of iced anything. In the same sense compared to a Starbucks diabetes drink that probably has 50 grams of sugar and at least 300 calories, this would be a healthier alternative for anyone that loves to drink iced coffee. That being said, I enjoyed this very much. My version was Iced Macchiato. It had a nice sweet flavoring. It didn't seem too sweet to me. But there was a nice balance of coffee in the drink that you didn't feel you were just sipping on sugar milk like some other drinks. I only had about half a cup or 4oz. I didn't want to use all my calories. My stomach is a little sensitive to iced coffee. Which I find the weirdest thing being that I actively can drink up to 4 cups of coffee on a very busy day and be completely fine. And sleep at night!
The price is $4.79 for a gallon. To me that is another huge plus for regular iced coffee drinkers. People who go to Starbucks every day could spend that on just one drink. So you get a lot for your money here. I'm sure the other flavors are good too. I wouldn't really purchase more than one gallon. For me it wouldn't pay. Like I said I drink very little. My husband hates iced coffee. I guess one gallon would last most of the summer lol. We drink hot coffee even in the dead of the summer.
My final thoughts are: Three coffee cups out of 5. Good for people who want to get themselves off buying Iced Coffee at Dunkin or Starbucks. Save money and calories. Be a little healthier. I recommend. I would suggest only buying in the summer months so it won't become a habit. Think of it as a treat here and there. That's what I do :)

Have you guys purchased this yet? Do you purchase iced drinks outside the home or inside? Thoughts..

Signing off An "Iced" Coffee Diva. Again I received this #Free from #bzzagent and #International Delight


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