Happy July With Sodastream

Happy first day of July all! It's that time of year where we are halfway into the summer. BBQ's and pool party's are starting to pick up. Kids are on vacation. The weather is warm. Except for N.Y. N.Y.C seems to be extremely moody lately and only wants to rain. I love the rain but even I'm like come on now. My allergies have been acting up. Rainy days mean sinus headaches and sneezing :(. I am off to a busy start today. I got up and made banana/bluebery/protein pancakes for breakfast with pumpkin spice coffee for me and the hubby. Then I made the bed, and immediately started cleaning. I vacuumed the floors. I am on a mop binge lol. My steam mop died a few months back and I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't mopped since then. I have vacumed the floors at least. Problem is I really hate old school mops. I had to break down and buy one. I can't have anything not clean in my apartment. I'm a bit OCD. Especially that I am working from home now. I get even more obsessed. The house is spotless. Everything is compulsively organized lol. It makes me feel great. I already did one coat in the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. I'll probably go over a few times since it's been a while. I'm also cleaning the trim of the walls. I usually always use white trim to make the paint color pop. After a while the white gets dingy and doesn't "pop" as much. I figured mine as well I'm already doing the floor.
I purchased a SodaStream about two years ago. Unfortunately it broke one day it was windy in the kitchen and I didn't have a chance to do a review. Or really use it that long. The time I did have it I really loved it. To me it saves money and is healthier. I love the flavored water. Or just using sparkling water with fresh fruit. There also are tons of diet options and healthier natural sodas as an alternative to regular. Less calories half the sugar. My husband surprised me with a new one last Friday. I was so happy. I went with the white one to match my kitchen. It doesn't plug in so you can keep it out whenever you want. Doesn't take up much space. They also have mixed drinks now that you can make with the Sodastream. Cosmopolitan and Pina Colada mixers. I haven't tried yet but I love that idea! I purchased mine at Bedbathandbeyond. They had the cheapest price. With the coupons it was only $60. It came with a full size Co2 cartridge.
Well I will be doing my cleaning for the next hour. Have to fit in a work out after. More emails and work. Organizing with my calendar for the month ahead. Food shopping later tonight. It will be a busy one. I hope you all have a great month!

Do you guys have a Sodastream? Do you like it? Do you want to purchase one?

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