Saturday's Bath and Body Works Haul

If I have to tell you guys that it is raining here in N.Y.C one more time, I swear. I'm done. lol. But it really is raining here all day today here as well as it was yesterday. Humid and nasty. New York summers can be tough just like the winters.
I had a great weekend with the husband. Friday night we finally put up the bigger T.V. in the bedroom with the help of our neighbor. It went really well. Thank god. We actually were able to use the existing screws that we had in the old wall mount for the smaller t.v. Which made it a lot easier. Now we can see in there!
Saturday we had to get the new tires checked out at Nissan. Everything was good. Also thank god. Then we headed to the mall after. Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret had their Semi-annual sale. Needless to say I wasn't impressed. The underwear Victoria's had was basic. I wasn't impressed. I have a whole drawer full of their underwear. I love bold patterns and styles. All they had was plain black cotton. They didn't have any bras in my size at all. I guess a lot of women have big boobs lol. I just walked out. Bath and body works was a zoo. Which is always the situation when they have their big sale. Everyone was crazy rude and bumping into everyone. The one in the Bronx mall is very small. It is weird being that the mall itself has 3 floors. Go figure. I was also not that impressed. The most they had was nice candles. Body wash was cheap. I just got one new body wash in a summer fragrance that smells amazing. As well as a wallflower, and a candle. I should have bought more but I couldn't stand to be in there. I shop there year round. But the problem is there are people out there that only shop when it is on sale. Those are the people you don't want to be around when there is a sale. It's uncomfortable and I get pretty annoyed. You're best bet is to order online. I might try and go back in another weak maybe. Or order a few things online. I'll see.
I had to return an eye shadow in Sephora. So I exchanged for a mascara and eyebrow pencil. That was it. We ran out after. Me and Anthony hate crowds. This one is always packed because it's huge.
Do you guys shop at those stores when they have the sales? In person? Online? What are your thoughts...

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