Keurig Kold Machine

Good Saturday morning my lovelies. It is dark here in N.Y.C. I have been awake for a good two hours. I didn't sleep well last night. My hubby got in late from visiting his grandmother in the hospital. I know I'm a huge cornball for saying this, but I can't sleep if he's not next to me. I've grown used to that loud lumberjack snoring that accompanies his being next to me. His freakishly hot body that I say is like having a furnace next to me lol. Needless to say I really didn't sleep. Then I was up early in the morning just lying awake trying to sleep. Telling myself sleep in it's the weekend. Yet my mind wonders to sad places at times. The only thing that will help is if I get up and brush it off. I get in depressed "spells" from time to time. It's natural and normal for all of us to feel like that. I try and work through them now that I am older.
I love the quiet on the weekends. Before anyone has gotten up. The building is silent. It's as if I'm the only one here. The husband is still in bed. I love the stillness and brainstorming that occurs when I first wake. I'm drinking a Folger's Black Silk K-Cup. It's very dark and bold which I love. I froth up half and half then brew the coffee on the 4oz setting. It's like having a cappuccino. I'm starving for a big breakfast. I don't know what it is about Saturday that always has be craving a big breakfast. Maybe because it's the one day if I do "splurge", I will. Sundays I usually always make a nice meal for me and Anthony. Saturday's we eat out. The rest of the week I basically cook healthy for myself. He eats at work.
Well if you thought Keurig had every machine that could take over the world. You probably were right. Get ready to add another machine to their roster. The Keurig Kold is the newest machine they have come up with. It is just like Sodastream where you can make all cold fizzy drinks such as soda and flavored waters. The difference is aesthetic. How the machine looks. Price. The Keurig Kold is a whopping $300. It will work with pods just like the Keurig coffee makers. But the biggest reason for price will mainly be because it brews the drinks cold! No need to add ice. And no need for that Co2 canister like the sodastream needs.
This loooks pretty amazing. A lot to splurge on. I actually have a sodastream. I love it. It broke by accident. I can still use it. I just can't keep it on the counter like i used to. Which sucks. The whole purpose of having it was to be able to keep it out. This one seems like it could be a better buy in the long run depending on how much the pods are. They would have to be cheaper than sodastream for me to think about purchasing. I do love my gadgets!! When I was using sodastream I really did save money on flavored waters. Plus it kept me from drinking diet soda too much. It was all natural. Cheaper. Yeah You have to chill the soda or add ice. But that was never a deal breaker for me. An average Sodastream machine goes for about $80. If you go to bedbathandbeyond to purchase it will be even cheaper with the coupons. That's where they have the most variety for flavors as well as bottles and accessories.
The more news I hear on this I will be keeping you guys posted! Here is a link to to read the article further.

Do you guys have a Sodastream machine? Would you be interested in purchasing a Keurig Kold?

Signing off a "Kold" Coffee Diva


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