I Love Lucy... Lucite that is.

Good Tuesday evening lovely readers! I am reporting from my porch again. It's really windy and the sin is setting. It feels amazing. I had a very low key Tuesday. The most I got done was scrubbing the hell out of my bathroom! lol. I had mopped the floor and scrubbed the wall tiles from head to toe. Shower. Tub. Toilet. Needless to say it was about an hour of my life spent sweating. Especially in this humidity. I have a meeting and a few errands in the city tomorrow so I just wanted to get my mind focused.
In my bedroom, my father in law installed a computer screen we had on the wall. We actually have a 32" screen T.V but
I thought it would be too big for the bedroom. I guess I underestimated how blind I've become at my ripe old age of 29.
You can see where this is going right? The hubby wants to put the big screen T.V up which I actually agreed too. I have a cabinet that I have been using under the T.V. I purchased it at Ikea. I loved it's modern sleek design and it literally fit right into this tiny nook that we had. Now with our huge Queen sized bed and headboard it is coming out too much for my OCD liking. I want something very narrow that will be flush to the wall. This way I won't feel it while I am walking around the bed. Having a small space has been the most challenging thing to deal with. Worth it in the end when I see my creative results.
I found a beautiful lucite table that will fit being that it is small. It is a lucite so it will be as if the table isn't even there but it can double as a desk when I want. I can even fit a stool underneath. Or I can use it as a table to put my makeup on. Now with the big T.V up on the wall I can make it happen!
So wish me luck I am waiting for my husband to arrive home with our neighbor to put it up. Who knows how long this will take. I am not handy at all, neither is Anthony. I wish we were. I can decorate the shit out of a room! But not really mount a T.V lol.

Here is a link to the table. Let me know what you guys think


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