Father's Day Florals

It's Tuesday. The weeks seem to be going by at super speed. Before we know it, it will be September. I know crazy right? Well I want to wish everyone a belated Happy Father's Day. I went to Queens to spend father's day with my in laws. It was very nice. We always have so much fun. I love them. Usually I would just be home by myself while Anthony works. It's been nice he's had off on the weekends as well as our new car to get us around. I am very thankful everyday for all we have. Not one day goes by I don't think of that.
It was very hot so the day called for a comfortable outfit. I like something that I can wear in the summer that is cool but chic. I have shorts and bermuda's but sometimes I Feel they are too "casual". I just happened to find these floral pants as I was cruising the clearance section in Target. I honestly didn't know if they would look good on my body. Normally I am not a florals person either. I have been coming around to the trend. I've seen them on girls and they looked cute. Although I am clearly not a skinny size 4. To my surprise they looked amazing. They made my legs look skinny and long. They were even lighter than wearing shorts. They look trendy. The best part, they are $7.49 on clearance from $25. I am definitely going back tomorrow or Thursday to pick up more. They had in other styles and colors. My best tip when shopping at Target is SIZE UP. Even my mom who is about a size or two skinnier than me has to size up. I don't know why but all of their stuff is so small. I guess because it's cheap. I don't care. I always believe in wearing the proper size or else you will look bigger. I see so many girls smaller than me, stuffing themselves into a size they were when they were 11 years old.. and looking twice my size! No one looks at your tag. Buy what fits. You will look thinner. You will feel more comfortable. Plus who cares? We all grow up. Love the size you've become. Wearing something too tight won't make you feel better anyway.
So that's my rant on pants sizing lol. It's extremely hot and humid today. I pulled my hamstring really bad yesterday so I am scared to work out. At least for today. Most of the pain went away but I figured I would take it easy. At least for one day right lol.

Do you guys shop at Target? Do you agree their stuff runs small? Clearance shopper? Do tell!

Signing off a "Flowery" Coffee Diva ;)


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