A Closet Office & Coffee

Does anyone around here feel more depressed in the winter time? I do. Usually by January the depression hits on and off. I noticed yesterday that it was dark, I didn't feel 100%, and a few other factors had me feeling the complete opposite of myself. It's funny how some days I can be so positive. Then other days be this negative sad person. I guess we all go through that. Can't be positive rainbows and sunshine every single day. I obviously notice this more during the winter. Not really in the spring or summer. Today the sun is somewhat trying to pop out even though it's about 5 degrees outside. Already I woke up in a way better mood. I am using Coffitivity in the background for some ambient coffee shop noise. I have done a review on it. They say it makes you more productive. I do agree that when I put music on in the background or something similar it helps me write.

What's new? Well the Patriots won the superbowl on Sunday. I could care less. I'm not a fan of either teams.

Things that are trending in my mind lately: I really need to make a little office for myself. I have a small one bedroom apartment in the city with my husband. Space is limited. But I have seem amazing ideas to turn a closet into an office. This would take a lot of steps. Taking the doors off. Painting inside. Lighting. Furniture. Shelves. I have gotten some ideas of how I would like it to look. I just need a tiny space of my own. Hang inspiring pictures. Have all things girly. I mean don't get me wrong. I have a beautiful pier 1 mirrored desk I have my desktop computer on. Big screen. Nice comfy chair. Gold accents. But still. I want my own! I think it will help keep me inspired. Plus I can store all of my stuff on the top shelves anyway. So it would serve two purposes. I know my father in law can do all of it. He is very handy. I guess it's just money that is the problem (as always right lol). That's why I want to do everything little by little so it won't be a big hit on my wallet. I'm posting my Pinterest Closet Office board on here. Let me know any great pictures you can find or ideas that might be useful. Thanks guys :) P.S I had way more pics on there but I deleted the board by mistake lol. So now I am trying to build it up again.

My stomach was bothering me over the weekend. I don't know why but right now is the first time I've had coffee in days. Feels good. I don't feel quite as normal without my morning coffee. I'm drinking Trader Joe's Medium Roast.

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Signing off a "Closeted" Coffee Diva


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