New From Tassimo: Tassimo Tea Bar

Hello my friends. Today is a hot and humid day here in N.Y.C. It looks like it is going to be that way all week :( Hate that. I can never work out when it is this humid out. Except for yoga maybe. Well I have been so busy lately I missed you guys. I just did a big renovation to my hallway. I painted it a beautiful bold dark teal color with white trim. I have been finishing little by little. Adding new pictures, accessories as well as light switches and such. What a project !! What have you all been keeping busy with ?

I was contacted by a very sweet lady from Tassimo. They are a huge company that sells single serve machines like the Keurig world wide. She told me that they have a brand new product out called Tea Bar (And provided me with Free Samples. How amazing was that). The Tea Bar has three flavors so far. Sweet Black Tea, Peach, and Raspberry. These are meant to be served iced. Just in time for Summer ! They are $9.99 for a pack of 16. They can be bought through Tassimo's website online. As well as Bedbathandbeyond and many more. They are a limited edition so stock up now while they are available. I have not had a chance to try because I don't own a Tassimo brewer but they might be sending me one in the future so I will definitely be reviewing the Tea Bar discs as well as the machine when/if that happens. What makes them different is the machine scans a bar code that helps brew the right amount of coffee or tea per beverage. Giving you the best coffee, tea, espresso, etc. How genius.

Do you guys own a Tassimo brewer ? It looks really amazing I am very curious how it stands up to the competition.

Signing off A " Coffee " Diva


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