Coffitivity: The New Sound Of Creativity !

The newest thing to hit the coffee scene is not a new coffee as you'd think. It's Coffitivity. It's basically the hum of a coffee shop in the background of people talking, drinking, eating. Playing in the background of your computer to boost your creativity. I like the idea because I myself have always been a "background music" type of creative person. In fact when I put music on while I'm working or even just doing my make up, I feel everything always comes out better. The music keeps me focused. As well as motivated. I think that is the most important thing when you are working. Especially if you work from home as I do. You need that stamina to finish whatever job you are doing. I am listening to Coffitivity as I type right now ! Also if you are a person who is alone a lot ( again me ) this might be perfect for you as well. If you are at the computer and you are just looking for a little white noise. Check out this article from The New York Times on Coffitivity. Log on. Listen. Be creative. And let me know if you think it helps or it's just a waste of noise !

Signing off A " Creative " Coffee Diva ;)


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