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Coffee & Good Health

I have read numerous articles on the health benefits of coffee consumption. This article definitely will blow you away on the benefits of coffee drinking. I think it is safe to note ( even though I am not a doctor). The amount you drink, should still be within moderation. Two cups a day the most. Not being used with sugar as well to see the full benefits. Otherwise you are defeating the purpose of drinking coffee for health!

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Signing off a " Healthy " Diva

New From Tassimo: Tassimo Tea Bar

Hello my friends. Today is a hot and humid day here in N.Y.C. It looks like it is going to be that way all week :( Hate that. I can never work out when it is this humid out. Except for yoga maybe. Well I have been so busy lately I missed you guys. I just did a big renovation to my hallway. I painted it a beautiful bold dark teal color with white trim. I have been finishing little by little. Adding new pictures, accessories as well as light switches and such. What a project !! What have you all been keeping busy with ?

I was contacted by a very sweet lady from Tassimo. They are a huge company that sells single serve machines like the Keurig world wide. She told me that they have a brand new product out called Tea Bar (And provided me with Free Samples. How amazing was that). The Tea Bar has three flavors so far. Sweet Black Tea, Peach, and Raspberry. These are meant to be served iced. Just in time for Summer ! They are $9.99 for a pack of 16. They can be bought through Tassimo's …

Coffitivity: The New Sound Of Creativity !

The newest thing to hit the coffee scene is not a new coffee as you'd think. It's Coffitivity. It's basically the hum of a coffee shop in the background of people talking, drinking, eating. Playing in the background of your computer to boost your creativity. I like the idea because I myself have always been a "background music" type of creative person. In fact when I put music on while I'm working or even just doing my make up, I feel everything always comes out better. The music keeps me focused. As well as motivated. I think that is the most important thing when you are working. Especially if you work from home as I do. You need that stamina to finish whatever job you are doing. I am listening to Coffitivity as I type right now ! Also if you are a person who is alone a lot ( again me ) this might be perfect for you as well. If you are at the computer and you are just looking for a little white noise. Check out this article from The New York Times on Coffit…

Eight O'Clock Original Medium Roast K-Cup Review

Hello all. I know it is nothing but rain lately here in N.Y.C. I am trying to plan a mini vacation for me and my husband for next month. It has been such a trying year for us and we deserve a get a way. How is the weather around your neck of the woods. I hope you all are safe and warm. Here is a new review to keep you guys thinking positive.
So over the past few months I have tried a lot of the new K-Cups that are now available. Eight O'Clock Coffee being one of them. I have been so delighted to find that most of the brands that I'm not familiar with or crazy about taste great in K-Cup form. Eight O'Clock coffee has been around for a long time and I have tried their bag coffee here and there but was never much of a "fan". But now I am hooked. I tried the medium blend first. It is a great medium roast. Perfect for everyday drinking. No after taste. It has 100% Arabica coffee in their K-Cups. Which is probably why they taste so good ! I have even tried the Hazeln…

Friday Run Down 6/7/13

It is a stormy day here in N.Y.C. It was a very long, busy, and most importantly stressful week. It's funny the difference a few days or a week can make. Last week might have been perfect. This week horrible. But that just means it has to come around again. I am doing some evening work since it was a hectic day for me. Enjoying a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon as the rain pours outside. Candles glowing and music playing to spark my creation. I hope you are all staying safe from the storm. Here is the Friday run down.

"Send Dad Peet's Single Cups 5 Box Sampler & receive FREE SHIPPING + 15% off!" from Peet's coffee. Order online

Here is a great article from The New York Times entitled " This is your brain on coffee " .

Check out the New " Rubi " . A machine designed for self serve fresh coffee on demand from Seattle's Best Coffee.

Green Mountain is running a great deal for summer "For a limited time, enjoy a free tum…