Espro Medium Pre-Review

Back in 2002 two innovative mechanical engineers sat down for coffee and sketched their first of many designs to come into the company we know today as Espro. Their names were Bruce Costantine and Chris McLean. By 2004 Espro was born. They had found a way to take out the biggest problems that are faced by the French Press. Coffee grinds everywhere. Breaking models. Staying warm for five minutes.
Espro has made a beautifully stunning work of art. Their Press is stainless steel. Vacuum sealed. Double walled to keep the coffee hot for a minimum of two hours. It has a unique two filter system that filters the coffee in two stages that enables the coffee to be pressed 9-12 times finer in comparison to an average French Press. In doing this they have removed 10-20% of leftover waste. They came out with their large model first, and now they have a medium one.It will be 12-18 oz. This Press will save 20 to 30% of waste! The new Medium Press is available for a discounted rate on Espro's Kickstarter page.Visit and order yours today. I will be reviewing it next week. I was contacted to try out the newest design. I can't wait I am very excited to share how good it is with all of my coffee lovers :)(And from all of my research so far online it has been getting rave reviews! ).
Below is a video and more information on their company, product, and how you can help. As well as some links to great reviews.

The New York Times

Popsci Review

Espro Website Has other great coffee accessories you might want to order with your Espro press.

Signing off an "Excited" Coffee Diva


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