Another Sugary Ban On Drinks, Now Coffee.

Afternoon . It is a snowy/rainy cloudy dreary day here in N.Y.C. What else is new lol ? I just read an article from the New York Times that explains all about Mayor Bloomberg's new "rules" on buying coffee and what we could put in it . Read on.

Does this bother you guys to put in your own sugar ? Is it a problem ? Do you think it will stop people from buying " big sugary coffee drinks " ? For me not so much. We all know no matter what you tell people they will do as they please. Case in point people still smoke even though we know the horrible health risks. I don't even use sugar in my coffee so another reason this won't effect me. I never order large coffee drinks either. I once in a blue moon will order a small or Medium French Vanilla Skim Latte at Dunkin Donuts. But 7 days out of the week I make my own coffee at home. It's cheaper and most of the coffee I try out I think stinks. Yes even Starbucks, and definitely Dunkin Donuts. The hot latte is the only decent coffee I've ever even tried from them!

Well comment !!! I want to hear your thought :) Stay warm and safe

Signing off a " snowy " Coffee Diva


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