Coffee Bean Direct's Kickstarter Project

Good afternoon Sunday readers. It is a beautiful day here in N.Y.C and I have an exciting project to tell you guys about. is a great local company here in New Jersey where you can get the freshest coffee at the most affordable prices. They have whole bean, ground, tea, gift baskets, etc. I love that this place is local and is run by everyday people like us!

I was contacted by a really sweet guy Anthony (Ok maybe I just love him since he has my husband's name lol), who has a Kickstarter program. They basically are trying to raise money for a huge coffee machine that would help them produce more coffee at a time. To get the most quantity faster to all of their loyal customers. I love helping people out in any way I can. This project being added to my list. Here is the link. Check them out. Like them, friend them, help their cause. Even just $1 can help if we all donate ! They have until October 13th 5pm to raise their money. They have raised $3,883 so far. They are looking to raise $80,000. I think it is so important for us to support our local merchants. They are the ones who care about their customers. Let me know how you guys help, and if there are any other organizations you'd love me to help promote. Below is their video.

To order directly. Go here .

To Anthony: Again, good luck to you all. I hope you reach your goal. Never give up !!

Signing off a " Supported " Coffee Diva ; )


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