Grove Square Coffee Dark Roast K-cup Review

Well yesterday I did a brand new review ( a good one) and today I'm sorry to say that I have a bad one ! Over my vacation a few weeks back my mom picked me up a box of K-Cups from the Christmas Tree Store. They sell them at a dollar or two discounted. She purchased me the Grove Square coffee Dark roast blend kcups. I thought it would be a good idea to try some new brands. Something different. Plus, I pretty much love every k-cup flavor. I didn't even expect anything bad. But I was very wrong...
First off when I touched the Kcup I noticed already something was weird. I shook it a bit because it felt kind of "empty". The sound was like rocks. It was as if instant coffee was in it. And that was exactly the taste ! That of instant coffee. And bad instant coffee at that. It was like the instant Folgers my mom used to drink. Horrible taste. Bitter after taste. Pretty much everything wrong with it you can think of. I don't know if they are a knock of to k-cups and they don't have fresh brewed coffee in them like the other brands. But if so, they should not even bother labeling themselves k-cups. This is clearly not fresh! It couldn't have been expired either ( as I know the k-cup boxes do have an expiration date on them) because I opened them up right away. I give it about 0 coffee cups out of 5 as my rating. Ironically my husband liked it and drank it lol. He takes so much sugar in his coffee he probably didn't even taste what I did. But I don't put sugar in my coffee and refuse to just because the coffee is horrible.
Have any of you ever tried this brand before ? I thought I had seen them on the internet. I will never buy again ! I read a bunch of reviews on amazon and they all say the same thing as I do , and give the kcups about a 2 rating the most. Wow ! Wish I would have known first before letting my mom get them for me..

Signing off a very " unhappy" coffee Diva


  1. Anyone have any flavor recommendations for k-cups?

  2. Hello Anonymous. Thank you so much for commenting. I would actually recommend scrolling through my blog. I have numerous amounts of flavorful suggestions you might like in K-Cup form. I hope you find one you like. Let me know. Come back and write to me.



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